Introducing Organization


The establishment of Center for Research and Education on Drug Discovery

We established Center for Research and Education on Drug Discovery that is as the core of the pharmaceutical sciences by cooperation with some research organizations in Hokkaido University which are Basic research division, and The Matching Program for Innovations in Future Drug Discovery and Medical care, and Center for Translational Research that works like as intermediation, and the grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Our center consists of the screening groups, the biology groups and the organic synthesis groups. It goes without saying that the research groups in Hokkaido University, other research institutes and companies can come and use our instruments. And one of our purposes is this screening center work as the focus of the drug discovery research in Hokkaido.

The propulsive group for the center and features and purposes

The group consists of biologists , physical chemists, organic chemists and medicinal chemists. They have achieved world-class results and hold the experience of screening each other. And they hold many of actual achievements of collaborative projects with company, not to mention that over the own research area with researcher who is in/out side of University. We have several unique features that Analysis of pathogenic mechanism for brain-wasting disease (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease) and application for drug discovery, and the generation of medicine for virus (measles, herpes, AIDS), and the logical design of pharmacological activity compounds that including a drug candidate, and the confirmation of SAR, and the development method for large scale synthesis, the development for specific delivery system of pharmacological activity compound to tissue/organ.