Member/Research Content

Member/Research Content

Center for Research and Education on Drug Discovery

Occupation Name
Professor Katsumi Maenaka
Professor Satoshi Shuto
Appointed Professor Akira Matsuda
Professor Satoshi Ichikawa
Associate Professor Masahiro Sakaitani
Appointed Associate Professor Naoyoshi Maeda
Appointed Associate Professor Takashi Saitoh
Appointed Associate Professor Kota Kodama
Assistant Professor Kousuke Sato
Assistant Professor Izumi Kato-Ose
Appointed Assistant Professor Hideo Fukuhara
Appointed Assistant Professor Ajaya Ram Shrestha
Appointed Assistant Professor Takao Nomura
Appointed Assistant Professor Takanori Matsumaru

We hope to release academic-made drugs which made in Japan. This Center conduct the screening of low molecular weight compounds, the screening of In silico, and the research of optimization focusing on the target of intractable diseases, as one of the six core centers of the chemical library. Also, we address the development of biomedicine such as antibody preparation and nucleic acid medicine as macromolecular drug discovery.

Laboratry of Drug Discovery

Group of small molecule drug discovery Group of bio molecule drug discovery

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